FM Retro Tech

August 3, 2019 | FM

Lately I have gotten into retro computing and it has inspired me to create a series of machines to showcase “FM Retro Tech”. This will involve creating a machine that reflects the technology of each decade from the 1980’s forward. For starters we will be exploring the 1980’s by building an IBM XT machine to […]

Mary drops the knowledge on: Furniture Storage Strategies

November 16, 2018 | FM, furniture, philosophy

Perhaps you have 500 workstations that are 20 years old, solid steel and indestructible. Over the years you’ve changed it up. You raised panels, lowered panels, raised worksurfaces to support standing, reduced storage, torn some of them down and put them back up again or any number of changes to suit the prevailing needs over time […]

Engaging your internal customers

November 14, 2018 | FM, philosophy

Recently I was in a discussion about engaging your internal customers. To me this is something that never gets less important. So who are we talking about here? Your internal customers are your building’s occupants but really they are more than that. Internal customers are your constituency, a body of people and potential supporters. When […]

The thing people ask us the most…

| company, FM, philosophy

“So, what exactly do you guys do?” Over the years, the “thing FacilityNow does” has changed quite a bit. But before I explain it, let me tell you about an important thing that we don’t do: We don’t sell anything. No software or hard products. Our objectivity is something we prize. Okay, so what do […]